An Enchanting Journey: Louisville native Jack Brewer performs for hometown audiences in Disney’s Frozen


The Kentucky Center is buzzing with excitement as Louisville eagerly awaits the arrival of the Broadway sensation, Disney’s Frozen, on January 24. This production isn’t just another high-profile event for the city; it’s a homecoming for one of Louisville’s own, Jack Brewer.


Brewer has earned a spot in the ensemble of this acclaimed touring show, playing the charming Oaken. His journey from local theater to the grandeur of Broadway encapsulates a story of dedication, talent, and the support from a vibrant arts community.

The touring production is a visual, musical, and emotional feast that goes beyond a typical theater experience. It’s an immersive journey into a world where love triumphs and dreams come true, though not always in the way we expect.


Trailer for Disney’s Frozen


The Cool Magic of Frozen


Since its debut in 2010, the movie “Frozen” and its enduringly catchy soundtrack have captivated audiences worldwide. In 2019, the beloved animated film became a breathtaking Broadway musical. 


The story revolves around the bond between two sisters, Elsa and Anna, and their journey of trials and tribulations, highlighting themes of self-discovery, bravery, and the unbreakable ties of family. At its heart, Disney’s Frozen is a tale of family, sacrifice, and love. It’s a story that transcends age, resonating with both the young and the young at heart. 


For fans of the film, the stage adaptation brings an added layer of spectacle to this already enchanting story. 


Audiences can expect mesmerizing special effects, including transformative sets that conjure icy landscapes and ethereal northern lights. The production also features heart-stirring renditions of the iconic songs “Let It Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” along with new numbers that deepen the characters’ stories.


One Performer’s Louisville Roots


Brewer’s story starts right here in the Louisville area, a region known for nurturing its arts scene and its people. 

“I got my start in theater at Oldham County School Arts Center (OCSAC). I was there every single day [from age 9] until graduation,” Brewer recalls fondly. From ballet to jazz, tap to musicals, and intensive voice lessons, he immersed himself in every aspect of performance.


“From my first musical at nine years old to voice lessons as I got older, OCSAC was where I grew not just as a performer, but as a person,” he says. Specifically, Brewer is grateful to his mentors, Kathie Davis and Trina Jackson. “I wouldn’t be where I am – who I am – today without them.”


Brewer’s story is not just one of personal achievement but a reflection of a rich arts community that encourages and elevates its youth to reach for the stars.


Journey to the National Stage


After establishing his craft in the Louisville theater community, Brewer took a significant step forward by attending the prestigious Cincinnati Conservatory.


“It was a game-changer for me. It was there that I really started to understand what it takes to make it in this industry,” he says. 


Soon after graduating in April 2021, Brewer took another bold step and moved to New York City, ready to embrace the challenges of the Big Apple. “Training in theater nearly every day for almost 15 years prepared me for this, but nothing quite prepares you for NYC,” he says.


In Frozen, Brewer plays the role of Oaken, the affable shopkeeper with a penchant for hearty greetings and warmth. “It’s a role that requires you to be high energy all the time,” he says. 


Since the musical’s premiere in 2019, Brewer estimates he has performed as Oaken about 350 times. “Playing Oaken is physically and vocally taxing, but it’s incredibly rewarding,” he adds. 


His preparation for this role involved not only drawing inspiration from the original film but also intensive vocal training to capture Oaken’s unique cadence and jovial spirit. Additionally, as part of the ensemble, Brewer embraces the diversity of roles he portrays throughout the musical. 


“Each performance is an opportunity to bring something new, to keep the character fresh and engaging,” he says. 


A Peak Behind the Curtains


There’s more magic to the production than what audiences see on stage. The backstage synergy is not just about technical precision; it’s a testament to the collaborative spirit that is the hallmark of Broadway.


“The backstage is like a well-oiled machine,” Brewer says. “Everyone from the crew to the cast works in perfect harmony to bring this story to life.” 

A great example of this synergy is during Elsa’s dress change, a stunning transformation made possible by a dedicated team of over 30 people. The audience sees a seamless costume change on stage, but behind the scenes, it takes dozens to pull off the technical wizardry required for such showstopping moments. 


“Witnessing the seamless teamwork that goes into creating these magical moments is awe-inspiring,” Brewer says. 


To young actors dreaming of the stage, he offers these words of encouragement: “Stay dedicated and work hard. The journey is challenging, but every bit of effort and time you invest now will pave the way to a future you’ve always dreamt of. Believe in yourself, and keep pushing forward.” 


Brewer’s own success is a living example of where passion, perseverance, and dedication can lead in the world of theater.


Come celebrate our native son’s journey to the stage and his homecoming performance at The Kentucky Center! It’s not too late to get tickets. Visit or call (502) 584-7777. 


Article written by Daniel Chioco